Sunday, October 17, 2010

WSC Seoul Korea

The World Stroke Organization host the World Stroke Congress every two years; this year in Seoul, Korea. The meeting attendance is projected at over 3000 attendees - many of those from Korea. The program has been quite varied, as you would expect from a global conference. I understand that the WSO has a no rejection policy which is a wonderful way to be inclusive. There was some mention among some groups that this may lower the quality of the meeting, this remains to be seen but there is such a great presence and support from so many excellent strokologists at the actual meeting the quality of the meeting will be maintained and developed in others way - the ESC turned 20 this year so still early days yet!  The International Journal of Stroke held their Editorial Board meeting on Friday the 15th with excellent attendance and celebratory champagne. The outcome of the meeting was to continue to develop our successful ideas and innovations which have made us quite a hit with our readership and our publisher!

Padma Gunaratne receiving the World Stroke Day Award for Sri Lanka from Bo Norrving President of the Wold Stroke Organization.

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