Sunday, July 29, 2018

29th Dubrovnik Summer Stroke School: Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention of Stroke and Other Brain Impairments

International Course, endorsed by World Stroke Organization, European Stroke Organisation, World Federation of Neurology and European Academy of Neurology  

The 29th Summer Stroke School: Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention of Stroke and Other Brain Impairments, International Course, took place in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, from  04th-08th of June 2018. The school was organized by International Institute for Brain Health and Croatian Stroke Society and was attended by numerous participants from Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Japan. The scientific program consisted of lectures delivered by well-known international speakers who shared their rich experience and knowledge. All aspects of stroke and related brain disorders were covered during the 5 day’s course. World Stroke Organization was represented by prof. Vida Demarin, as a founder and director of the School who made introduction and showed us recent advances in neurosonology. Prof. Peter Sandercock talked about 30 years of evidence-based medicine and the Global burden of stroke and also gave us hints and tips on how to start our own stroke research projects. We heard all about TIA as an emergency condition from Prof. Natan Bornstein, University of Tel Aviv, Vice-President of the World Stroke Organization. He also delivered a great overview of the secondary stroke prevention, emphasizing all important aspects of this issue, and at the same time, actively interacting with the audience, giving practical advice and solutions to different clinical scenarios that arise from the everyday clinical practice. Prof. Roman Haberl from Munich and his collaborators as well as Prof. Kurt Niederkorn from Graz and many other lecturers shared their knowledge and expertise and during five day course participants  acquired lots of recent information and discussed the most relevant and recent scientific achievements in the field of stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.
The social program was very exciting and enjoyable as well, marvelously organized after the scientific program by our local host, Dr. Andrijana Bogoje from Dubrovnik.

We are looking forward to the 30th anniversary of the Dubrovnik Summer Stroke School that is already planned for the next year and you are all cordially invited to attend it!

By Vida Demarin, Hrvoje Budincevic and Anita Arsovska

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