Monday, April 8, 2019

Partnership working to improve stroke care in Nigeria

Founded by stroke survivor Michael Uchunor, Michael and Francisca Foundation is helping to respond to the burden of stroke in Nigeria by working in partnership with other organisations.

The stroke support organization (SSO), Michael and Francisca Foundation in Nigeria aims to raise awareness about stroke prevention and to provide support for all those impacted by stroke.

The Foundation has developed a partnership with the Sacred Heart Catholic Clinic, which received a donation of medications to manage high blood pressure. Through this partnership, Michael and Francisca Foundation is able to refer people at risk of stroke and stroke survivors to the clinic, where they can access medication to manage their high blood pressure, a leading risk factor for stroke, free of charge.

Michael Uchunor, founder of the SSO, works closely with the pharmacist and doctors of the clinic to ensure that the people his SSO supports have access to the medication they need. This partnership means that not only does the Michael and Francisca Foundation raise awareness of high blood pressure as a risk factor for stroke, it can also support people to take immediate action. 'It has been wonderful to help people who cannot afford to buy drugs themselves, to access what they need', say Michael. 

Michael also collaborates with the Catholic Church in Nigeria, which is a key provider of healthcare across the country, to raise awareness of stroke and its risk factors among the Catholic congregation. 

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