Monday, November 27, 2017

Going right to the top to tackle stroke

Pablo Vercelli's family knows too well the impact of stroke. To help raise awareness and funds to fight stroke globally, he, alongside his brother and two friends, is set to take on a major mountaineering challenge. They aim to raise $20,000 to improve stroke prevention, treatment and support in Argentina and around the world. Here he tells us what has motivated him to climb the highest mountain outside the Himalayas.

‘My mother passed away in 2009 due to a stroke. My sister also had a stroke three years ago, and was very lucky to survive. She received treatment and was looked after by professionals in a clinic in Buenos Aires, and is still recovering. The effect that stroke has had on our family has encouraged me to do whatever I can to shine a light on stroke and the opportunities there are to prevent stroke and improve life for survivors.’

Pablo was planning a mountain climbing expedition with his brother and two friends when he decided that he could add another level to the challenge and use it to raise awareness and funds for stroke. He and his brother enlisted the support of two friends, and the four are going to climb the Aconcagua, in Argentina, the highest mountain on earth outside the Himalayas in early December. As well as the physical challenge, the team have set themselves an impressive fundraising goal of $20,000 for the World Stroke Organization.

“I know the physical and challenge will be tough and fundraising is new to me, but this is a cause very close to my heart.’ Pablo told us ‘Anyone -regardless of geography, regardless of age, regardless of wealth – can be affected by stroke. My family is a clear example of that, so I am committed to supporting an organization that works to improve the lives of people everywhere.’

We are delighted that Pablo has chosen to raise funds for our work and will be following him and the rest of the team as they progress and encouraging our friends to get behind his campaign. For more information and to make a donation in support of the World Stroke Organisation, please go to his JustGiving page. 

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