Thursday, November 16, 2017

Melbourne launches its Mobile Stroke Unit

The Mobile Stroke Unit for Melbourne was launched today. It's been an exciting process and the team are on board, trained and ready to go! Here's some words by one of the funding bodies and a great support of the project, Sharon McGowan from the National Stroke Foundation in Australia!

Dr Silke Walter, Peter Norbury, and Brian O'Connell from LifeHealthCare 

Dr Monique Kilkenny from AusCAR with her son Tobias and Silke Walter
Dr Silke Walter, who's been supporting the project from the original Hamburg MSU team,
Professors Stephen Davis and Geoffrey Donnan who launched the project and pushed it through
from inception to launch!

The MSU Team! 
Any stroke patient is lucky to get this team of experts from the hospital to the scene of the CVD incident
 cutting into dangerous wasted minutes and  changing the face of stroke treatment 
Dr Silker Walter, Skye Coote who is MSU stroke Nurse Practitioner
and Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins for the World Stroke Organization 

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