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IJS Reviewer thank you list; the origin of peer review

Every year (approximately November to November due to publishing times) we publish a list of peer reviewers who have reviewed for the journal during the year. Peer review as a practice has been in use for nearly three-hundred years; since the Philosophical Society of Edinburgh, now The Royal Society of Edinburgh started asking advice from their esteemed members to assist them to select articles for publication.

Two main factors led to the increased interest and acceptance of peer review.

Over the past five decades the amount of articles submitted for scientific publication has increased dramatically, before that time it was quite small and editors would struggle to find articles for publication. Now days editors must be highly selective, and expert peer review is an invaluable tool. Second, as science and technology have expanded so quickly and now cover such an incredible expanse of knowledge and speciality, editors alone cannot be expert in every niche, they must, to publish quality science, seek the opinion of their peers! Therefore, the importance of our peer reviewers cannot be underestimated, and this thank you comes loaded with the three-hundred year tradition which continues to propel science forward in excellence.

Thank you for your work this year, with the International Journal of Stroke!

Reviewers are listed in the following post.

IJS Reviewer thank you list

Keith Muir

Louis Caplan

Farzad Fatehi

Stephen Read

Ulrich Dirnagl

Rudiger von Kummer

Don Easton

Xinfeng Liu

Helen Dewey

Thomas Linden

Lalit Kalra

Antonio Culebras

Amanda Thrift

Alvaro Cervera

JS Kim

Anne Wojner-Alexandrov

John Fink

Philip Bath

David Carr

Julie Bernhardt

David Darby

David Spence

Xabier Urra

Livia Candelise

Natan Bornstein

Richard Gerraty

Emmanuel Carrera

Sunil Munshi

Casper Brekenfeld

Vincent Thijs

Lawrence Wong

Hanne Christensen

Andrei Alexandrov

Patrick Lyden

Brian Chambers

Neil Spratt

Jae-Kyu Roh

Laszlo Csiba

Conrad Estol

Bob Ackerman

Jean Louis Mas

Bo Norrving

Bob Ackerman

Jorge Moncayo-Gate

Marc Fisher

Ming Liu

Jun Ogata

Praful Dalal

Alan Barber

Raymond Cheung

Peter Rothwell

Amanda Gilligan

Chris Bladin

Thierry Moulin

Iris Grunwald

Christopher Levi

David Howells

D Sander

Peter Schellinger

Alvaro Cervera

Mario Siebler

Reza Jahan

Raja Sadhu

Anne Abbott

Amy Brodtmann

Jonathan Sturm

Sandy Middleton

Stephen Phillips

Bent Indredavik

Patrik Michel

Mark Parsons

Robert Medcalf

Wolf-Dieter Heiss

Martin Dennis

H Fukuyama

Axel Petzold

Alan Barber

Kay Tan

HB Van der Worp

Joanna Wardlaw

Hector Gonzalez

Sharma Prabhakar

Shelagh Coutts

C Foerch

Chris Chen

P Ballabh

Phillipia Tyrrell

Casper Brekenfeld

Jose Ferro

Kazuo Minematsu

K Vahedi

P Delgado

Carli Rawston

WenWen Zhang

Andrew Demchuk

Ken Butcher

Aryton Massaro

Kazunori Toyoda

Peter Ringleb

Myzoon Ali

Terry Hirano

Mario Di Napoli

AB Singhal

Velandi Srikanth

Harold Adams

Soma Banerjee

Daniel Hanley

Michael Chopp

Andre Peeters

Michael Hill

Marion Simpson

Mark MacKay

Maurizio Acampa

Bernard Yan

Heinrich Mattle

Ruth Bonita

Malcolm MacLeod

Larry Goldstein

Victoria O'Collins


Elizabeth Jones

Thanh Phan

Peter Langhorne

D Werring

David Russell

MR Walters

Anna Bersano

Marc Hommel

Jose Castillo

Chelsea Kidwell

Bruce Ovbiagele

Y Terao

David Tanne

Ranil De Silva

Graeme Hankey

Tim Ingall

Richard Lindley

Matthias Reinhard

Tanvir Turin

Ayasha Richardson

Craig Anderson

Jim Jannes

Gary Ford

J Boiten

Yukito Shinohara

David Liebeskind

Deidre DaSilva

M Silvestrini

Luis Castilla-Guerra

Judith Frayne

MJ Alberts

Mitchell Elkind

A Di Carlo

Alvaro Cervera

M Barber

Yoshi Nagakane

Tatjana Rundek

Toby Cumming

William Whitely

Dominique Cadilhac

Gudrun Boysen

Ian Mosley

Martin Cassell

Michael Brainin

Martin Ebinger

DJ Stott

Didier Leys

RL Haberl

Marc Vasse

Peter Sandercock

Malcolm Macleod

Kelvin Hill

F Rincon

Hugh Markus

Marco Medina

Moira Kapral

Alexander Kunz

Georgios Tsivgoulis

Joon-Tae Kim

Brian Buck

David Della-Morte

Angel Chamorro

Randi Foraker

Claire Allen

Leonid Churilov

Ashfaq Shuaib

Charles Wolfe

Steven Faux

Nils Gunnar Wahlgren

Alexander Beck

International Journal of Stroke launches Vietnamese Edition

The International Journal of Stroke Launches in April 2009

On April 14 the International Journal of Stroke was launched in Ho Chi Minh City with the co- editor Prof. Le Minh; the second launch in Hanoi on April 15 with the second co-editor Prof. Le Van Thinh.

'On both occasions I had the opportunity to hold an extended stroke update which was attended by 5-600 physisicans in both HCM city as well as in Hanoi and was each followed by discussions with participants.'
Michael Brainin

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