Friday, June 29, 2012

Translational Research Themed Edition of the International Journal of Stroke

'The mortality and morbidity associated with stroke makes the development of new drugs a research priority. Recent unsuccessful clinical trials have reduced enthusiasm for the development of neuroprotective drugs. Here, we use empirical evidence derived from systematic reviews of stroke drug development to identify stages of drug development which might be improved. We then propose exemplar strategies which may be helpful, along with some basic economic modelling of what the impact of such strategies might be. This suggests that relatively straightforward measures might reduce the costs of drug development by $5·8 bn or 31%.'

Abstract from Improving the efficiency of the development of drugs for stroke
  • David W. Howells1,2,*
  • Emily S. Sena1,2,
  • Victoria O'Collins1
  • Malcolm R. Macleod
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