Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We invite you to comment: The WSO Stroke Research Committee research recommendations relevant to the WSO mission for Stroke Treatment, Prevention and Recovery

The WSO Stroke Research Committee has been working to establish a set of research recommendations relevant to the WSO mission for Stroke Treatment, Prevention and Recovery.  In establishing these draft recommendations the committee systematically collated, categorized, and reviewed research recommendations from multiple other national, regional, and patient-centered stroke organizations.  The WSO Board members were asked to review and prioritize these research recommendations.  Recommendations were rated on how strongly they definitely should be included among the top recommendations related to the WSO mission.  The top recommendations are listed below:

Stroke Treatment
1. Expand and integrate existing stroke trial networks to accelerate translation
2. Establish stroke centers and stroke units to assist patients with acute stroke

Stroke Prevention
1. Establish a global chronic disease prevention initiative that includes stroke as a major focus among a cluster of conditions
2. Prevent vascular cognitive impairment

Stroke Recovery
1. Standardize the practice of post stroke rehabilitation based on best evidence
2. Evaluate of the best ways to address and improve life after stroke:
            (a) Improve cognition after stroke;
            (b) Help people come to terms with the long-term consequences of stroke;
            (c) Enhance recovery from aphasia; and
            (d) Improve arm recovery and function.

These draft recommendations approved by the WSO Board in October 2014 are now being posted for member and public comment.   At present, we request WSO members and other stroke constituents to review these draft recommendations and post any comments on the BLOG.  Comments will be collated and reviewed by the WSO Research Committee and included in their final report.  We will be accepting comments until Friday, January 23rd, 2015.

If you are having difficulty commenting then please feel free to email your comment directly to carmenl@unimelb.edu.au or on our Facebook 

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