Wednesday, February 2, 2011

South African Stroke Guidelines article in IJS inbox

The South African Guideline for the Management of Ischaemic Stroke and TIA: Recommendations for a resource constrained health care setting JUST ARRIVED IN IJS inbox; very excited - an excellent piece from Alan Bryer and co. (Bryer A, Connor MD, Haug P, Cheyip B, Staub H, Tipping B, Duim B, Pinkney-Atkinson V).

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in South Africa. As in other developing countries, an increase in the burden of stroke is predicted as the population is undergoing a rapid epidemiological transition with increased exposure to, and development of, stroke risk factors, together with aging of the population.
Most published stroke guidelines emanate from developed countries that have more comprehensive stroke services and resources available for their citizens. Such guidelines are therefore not always applicable to countries with limited resources.
The objective of the South African Stroke Guideline  was to develop realistic and appropriate recommendations within the current South African context of a resource constrained health care system.

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