Monday, December 19, 2011

IJS festive season upon us...

For some of us a festive season is coming, for some of us snow, and for some of us sun. 
In Australia where the editorial office is based the sun shines and summer is here with the heat on full blast. We get ready for the coming festivities and with food hybridised to suit a warmer climate. 

And it is at this time, as the year draws to a close we look back at the year that has passed and how we spent it. IJS has been a fast growing journal and papers fly in and out of our doors at an increasingly high rate, we are already close to putting final touches on the second edition for next year so it's hard to keep our heads in December. However, it is keenly felt that the continuing success of the journal is due to the incredible dedication, patience and support of the international stroke community. Without this support and collaboration the journal would only be a shadow of what it is now. 

But it must be said that there is a team of people who have eased the cogs of the machine and are the mechanics of the ideal. So we sincerely thank our dear colleagues some who have this year moved on and some newly arrived, for all their hard-work and dedication, ideas and support from the inside and behind the scenes; Gavin Sharrock, a shining star in medical publishing; Eloise Keys, a fabulous marketing specialist who will be well missed; Ruth Oh and Chrizette Larin who have both been excellent and professional Production Editors this year;  Ian the bookbinder, Lian Low and Emma Kerin who were both excellent editorial assistants.

We welcome Paul Cumine who takes over from Gavin at Wiley and we are certain that he will have the same gung-ho, exciting and exuberant approach to publishing as Gavin, which are the qualities that have made this journal such a quick success. 

All-in-all it's been a brilliant year and I suspect it will just keep getting better and better!  

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