Friday, August 31, 2012

Stroke Society Australasia in pictures

Joanne Murray and Coralie English

Valerie Pomeroy

Stephanie Ho and Brenda Booth
Sandy Middleton and Simeon Dale  
Chris Levi and Jane Maguire

David Howells and Milos Pekny

Atte Meretoja

Nadine Andrew and Monique Kilkenny

Leonid Churilov Florey Statistician, Elise Cowley and Tina Soulis from NTA

Bernard Yan and Bruce Campbell

Ian Mosely

Lisa Walker, Sue Mosely, Sandra Petrolo, and WenWen Zhang
Tissa Wijeratne, Julie Bernhardt Director of the AVERT trial and Erin Godeke
Mhairi Macrae, Neuroscientist University of Glasgow

Fiona Ellery from NTA and AVERT Trial with Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins from IJS
Mark Longworth Smartstrokes, Richard Lindley SSA organiser and Dennis Crimmins

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