Biomarker Summit 2013

BIOMARKER SUMMIT 2013March 20-22, 2013 

Bringing your attention to the biomarker summit 2013 - time to register ... if you have an interest in biomarkers (and let's face it who doesn't) then IJS has recently, in our translational science edition published 

Blood biomarkers in stroke: research and clinical practice

  1. William Whiteley1,*
  2. Yingfang Tian2
  3. Glen C. Jickling2


  • biomarker;
  • diagnosis;
  • prediction;
  • research;
  • stroke
Blood biomarkers may have applications in stroke diagnosis, outcome prediction, or treatment. In this article, we provide a focused review on some of the methodological challenges and potential developments of biomarkers in stroke. We review the approaches to the development of a diagnostic blood marker: a candidate marker approach, marker panels, and –omics. Then we examined the role of blood markers to predict recurrent stroke and treatment response in stroke.

Speaking of blood biomarkers IJS have a gorgeous interview with Barbo Johannssen coming to iTunes soon, where she speaks on her early interest in biomarkers and blood in the 60s.
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