2014 will bring surprises and improvements ...

2014 will bring surprises and improvements
December 2014 Editorial

Once again we have reached the end of a very successful year in the history of the International Journal of Stroke. Now at the end of our eighth year, we are in the fortunate position of having an impact factor on the rise, attributed to the quality of manuscripts, which you are submitting, and the readability of the journal. In this vein the structure continues to evolve.

Many of you will recall that we launched the journal with a content focused solely on review, but have gradually evolved the format to include a modest number of high quality research articles, and an annual bumper research edition. 

This change in structure has also been in response to the extraordinary number of submissions that you have made, emphasizing the appetite and need for more top quality science to be published, and new vehicles for publication. The whole publishing industry is undergoing the most rapid change, perhaps since the invention of the printing press. What the journal landscape will look like even within five years is hard to predict, what we do know is that we must evolve rapidly!

The second structural alteration has been to expand our Editorial Board roles. We have introduced new section editors, who are leaders in their field, I warmly welcome:  Genetics: Martin Dichgans - Germany, Hugh Markus - UK; Basic Science: Malcolm McLeod – UK, David Howells - Australia; Imaging: Mark Parsons – Australia; Acute therapy: Andrew Demchuk – Canada, Peter Sandercock – UK; Rehabilitation:
Marion Walker – UK, Julie Bernhardt – Australia; Cognition disorder: Amy Brodtmann – Australia, and Sarah Pendlebury – UK.
I am certain they will all make a wonderful contribution to the matrix of the journal.

As well as working to engage science leaders in their field, we are also building on the wealth of experience in the field of stroke from our senior colleagues who will contribute as consulting editors; it is a pleasure to welcome: Stephen Davis – Australia; Veronika Skvortsova – Russia; Bo Norrving – Sweden; Ulrich Dirnagl –Germany; Graeme Hankey – Australia; Conrado Estol – Argentina.

We would like to thank Michael Hennerici for agreeing to continue to support us in this role after assisting us to pioneer the journal.

You’ll be pleased to know that the evolutionary process continues, and in 2014 there will be a number of surprises and improvements for our expanding and dedicated readership. See you next year!

Geoffrey A. Donnan
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  1. Why do you have the quackery blog of Neuroaid listed?

  2. Seriously, why is Neuroaid being recognized by you? You're calling this the INTERNATIONAL Journal of Stroke and you have neuroaid's website? Seriously?

  3. Question - one, I would really like a response to the above comments. Neuroaid is a complete scam and I would like to know why the International Journal of Stroke has it listed on their website. Two - do you frequently poll actual stroke survivors to determine if they are happy with the care that they've recevied?

  4. They are however missing all the important blogs, they have Grace but not Amy, Barb, Dean, Dr. Ellen, Jo, Joyce, Rebecca, Scott, Nina, Linda, Marcelle, Kate, Jim,
    If you don't immediately recognize these stroke bloggers you are not listening to the most important voices on stroke in the world today.

  5. Your support of Neuroaid displays a vile disregard for the well-being of stroke victims and a sickening falsity of motives as well. Are your consciences so bereft of decent morality that you can actually do this and still walk amongst your fellow human beings?

    1. Scott, you have a way with words, not that its going to do any good with these vile miscreants.

  6. That’s really a nice one, I have seen many blogs but they are outdated so I’m pleased to see this blog now.
    stroke recovery time

  7. Neuroaid has been removed. It was an oversight, as this list of blogs is generated automatically.


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