Seven minutes in stroke - Lauren Sheppard

Seven minutes in stroke

Lauren Sheppard Deacon University 

1. What inspired you towards neuroscience?
My specialty is in health economics which has then led me to working in stroke. It’s been a long-standing interest for the research group I’m part of and I am fortunate enough to be involved in some amazing projects.

2. Why stroke?
See above! I hope the work I contribute will inform investment in stroke programs which provide good patient outcomes and value for money.

3. What have been the highs so far?
Working with colleagues who are experts in the field.

4. What have been the lows?
Accepting critique and the occasional rejection letter for things you have poured hours into!

5. How do you balance work life with the needs of home life?
It’s fair to say some days I’m better at doing this than others. I have learnt that if I have the time to do something then don’t delay – sending an email, reading a book, going for a walk etc. Ten times out of ten, that opportunity won’t come up again.

6. Who are your most important mentors and how did you find them?
I’m lucky that my teachers at uni are now my colleagues, studying was the best introduction.

7. What are your most important collaborations and how have you builtthem?

I feel like I am just starting out so I can probably answer this better in maybe 5 years. Attending conferences and training, co-authoring publications and taking any new opportunity possible is the approach I’m taking.
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