Seven minutes in stroke - Adam Piechna

1. What inspired you towards neuroscience?
As my background is technical science, my first contact with neuroscience was during a numerous conversations with my PhD mentor of that time, professor Krzysztof Cieślicki. Then I first heard about Circle of Willis and many interesting physical phenomena. They were mainly connected with cerebral blood flow physics and modeling, while the clinical issues were in the background. Then I met professor Bogdan Ciszek from the Departments of Anatomy and Forensic Medicine Warsaw Medical University. A number of potential unknowns and their importance in clinical application were the main inducement to focus on neuroscience in my subsequent research.

2. Why stroke?
Because it is one of the most dramatic and unforeseen diseases; because it is unfortunately real and can affect everybody, and because I have met people who want to do something about it.

3. What have been the highs so far?
I would say that working in the team of people who are the true Scientists, who are working only because of curiosity and willingness to make a change. Especially working with physician Leszek Lombarski who shares his enthusiasm with the whole team. Of course, a palpable high is getting the high impact journal publication, which is a clear sign for us, that  our results are important and could benefit many people.

4. What have been the lows?
Realizing how far it is from the results of laboratory research to clinical application…

5. How do you balance work life with the needs of home life?
Probably I do not, however every evening I try to find some time to spend with my wife. Also, at least once a year, we  go for a long sport climbing trip.

6. Who are your most important mentors and how did you find them?
On the technical part of our research it is my supervisor professor Krzysztof Cieślicki. On the medical side it is professor Bogdan Ciszek. Their knowledge is admirable and stimulating. My first mentor was and still is professor Janusz Piechna – my father, he is always my guiding light.

7. What are your most important collaborations and how have you built them?

As we are working on the borderline of two fields of knowledge, finding a common language is the most important thing. My most important collaboration with Departments of Anatomy and Forensic Medicine Warsaw Medical University was built with help of my supervisor’s connections. Also I was heartily accepted as the group member by the professor Bogdan Ciszek.
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