Tuesday, February 28, 2017

World Stroke Award Winners Announced

Global Experts Highlight Best Practice in Stroke Awareness Campaigns

The World Stroke Organization has announced the winners of their annual awards for best practice in raising awareness of key issues in stroke. The WSO, a worldwide membership body with over 4000 members representing over 100,000 stroke professionals, supporters and survivors. It works to reduce the global burden of stroke and central part of its program is the delivery of an annual World Stroke Day Campaign, World Stroke Day brings together WSO members and stroke stakeholders in a coordinated global day of action to raise awareness of critical issues in stroke.

Last year the theme for World Stroke Day was ‘Stroke is Treatable’ around 100 campaigns were registered with on the WSO map of action, almost half of which applied for an award. Submissions were reviewed by WSO Board and Campaign Committee members with winners selected for reducing the impact of stroke  by raising awareness of patient treatment needs and the potential for recovery.

Award for Best Campaign in a High Income Country
Neeman Stroke Survivors, Israel were selected in the High Income Country category for their high profile campaign using TV, advertising viral online campaigning and advocacy events to raise awareness of the signs and urgent treatment needs of people having a stroke. 

The Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia received an award for best campaign in a low to middle income country.  The hospital ran a broad ranging program of workshops and events involving patients, carers, healthcare professionals and local policy makers to raise awareness of the impact and long term treatment and support needs of patients and families.

The World Stroke Campaign Award for outstanding individual achievement was given to MacDonald Oguike for his leadership of the Acha Foundation’s MasterStroke program that used an impressive combination of media, social media and mobile technology to raise awareness and understanding of stroke throughout Nigeria.

“Stroke is the second biggest cause of death and the single biggest cause of disability worldwide. It is crucial that people recognize the signs of stroke and understand that effective treatment can saves lives and reduce the devastating impact on individuals, families and society. Each of the winning campaigns has made a significant contribution towards the WSO’s vision of a life free from stroke.” said World Stroke President Werner Hacke.

“Each World Stroke Campaign Award Winner has worked in coordinated way, not only to make lives better in their own communities but to support global awareness of stroke. This kind of work is crucial to ensuring that stroke gets the attention and resources it deserves and each winner provides examples that we can all learn something from.” said WSO Campaign Chair Jon Barrick.

For more information about the World Stroke Campaign and Awards please visit www.worldstrokecampaign.org or email campaigns@worldstroke.org

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