Testimonial Exhibition at the World Stroke Congress October 2018

We want to make sure that the voices of people affected by stroke are heard throughout the
Congress in an exhibition of stroke survivor, family and caregiver testimonials.

The 11th World Stroke Congress will focus on the latest developments in stroke prevention, acute management and restorative care after stroke. Reducing the burden of stroke on people with lived experience and their family and care givers drives everything the World Stroke Organization does. 

In previous years the visibility of people with lived experience of stroke has been promoted through art exhibitions, both physical and online, and a hobbies ebook. 

In 2018 our exhibition will focus on the testimonials of people with lived experience of stroke. 
We are calling on both stroke support organizations to gather testimonials from the people they work with, and on individuals to share their own testimonials, with the following brief:

150 words and include a digital portrait photo.

  • Start with your name, nationality and your previous or current work or volunteer role
  • When did you have your stroke and at what age?
  • How did medical and allied professionals help you in your treatment and care?  
  • Who and what has helped in your recovery?
  • Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Please send to Sarah Belson sarah.belson@stroke.org.uk by 30th April 2018.

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  1. This will really be a great opportunity for Global Stroke Survivors to present their voice at the 11th WSC at Montreal, Canada. Thanks to Sarah Belson for this communication to Stroke Communities globally. This digital tool will be really helpful to those who can avail this facilities. But most patients will be left unrepresented due to lack of this digital facilities.Hopefully more participation will be there in future.

  2. Thank you Dr Mandal, we look forward to receiving testimonials from India that we can include in the exhibition in Montreal.


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