Finns Win National Award for Making Heart and Brain Connection

World Stroke Organization members, the Finnish Brain Association, have been recognized with a highly prized national award for their ‘Priceless Processor’ blood pressure campaign. The Association’s campaign was developed to address low awareness among the Finnish population that high blood pressure can have effects on the brain, not just the heart. 

Encouraging people to protect their ‘Priceless Processor’, the Association set up over 250 ‘pop-up’ blood pressure monitoring stations across the country. The campaign worked in partnership with occupational health centres and pharmacies to offer blood pressure monitoring and information to the public. Social media, TV, radio and press were all used to share information about the link between heart and brain, and to encourage people to take action to monitor and control their blood pressure.

The Brain Association beat off stiff competition to receive the accolade at the country’s annual Foresight Forum. Fifty nominations were assessed for the HEALTH ACT and HEALTH INNOVATION awards. The jury consisted of a diverse range of health professionals and selected the 'Priceless Processor' campaign for the HEALTH ACT award because, increasing awareness of the connection between brain health and elevated blood pressure was a noteworthy insight. Self-monitoring is part of future health care, and making it more widely adopted among citizens is essential in the prevention of serious health issues.”   

The World Stroke Organization couldn’t agree more. Onneski olkoon!

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