Friday, September 21, 2018

Up Again After Stroke

This year the focus of World Stroke Day is on life after stroke. Around 80 million people living in the world today have experienced a stroke and over 50m survivors live with some form of permanent disability as a result. 

While for many, life after stroke won’t be quite the same, our campaign aims to show that, with the right care and support, a meaningful life is still possible. As millions of stroke survivors show us every day, it is possible to get #UpAgainAfterStroke.

While the impact of stroke is different for everyone on 29th October 2018, we want to focus the world’s attention on what unites stroke survivors and caregivers; their resilience and capacity to build on the things that stroke can’t take away and their determination to keep going on the recovery journey.

Join with us

Our website has resources and key messages to help you raise awareness of life after stroke issues on World Stroke Day. Here's how you can join with us and show support and solidarity with stroke survivors on World Stroke Day:
  • Download campaign social media resources from the campaign website; If you have some design skills and software and want to adapt materials for local use contact
  • Change the heading pictures on your account and share social posts with your networks.
  • Share your personal experience as a stroke survivor or caregiver on Facebook and twitter. Be sure to include the campaign hashtag #UpAgainAfterStroke so that your experience is seen and shared.
  • If you don’t use social media, share your story of stroke recovery on the World Stroke Campaign website. 

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