Members of South African SSO are #UpAgainAfterStroke

Congratulations to World Stroke Organization SSO member, Helderberg Stroke Support Group (HSSG), as it prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary on 23rd November.

The SSO recently carried out a survey with its members and asked them to rate the impact their attendance at HSSG community groups had made on their lives. This could be physically, mentally, emotionally or in terms of overall improvement in speech, language and general function after their stroke.

The results from the survey are very positive, with 79% of people stating that the HSSG has been very helpful, 14% helpful and 7% moderately helpful.

Comments from group members show just how much the SSO helps stroke survivors in the town of Somerset West, in the Western Cape, to get Up Again After Stroke:

I was very weak when I came here. I was also trapped by low self-esteem. I have learned a lot and I am no longer dependent, I can do a lot more for myself – it’s very beautiful.

The exercises help me to get up every day.

The group keeps you fit and it means that you can do a lot more for yourself because of the exercises.

Thank you, I can now do things for myself.

It helped me a lot. When I joined the group I could not do anything for myself -
it has helped my fitness. I am very happy.

I feel so much better since I joined the group because I no longer feel frightened and I can stand on my own legs.

The group is a good foundation for those who are not fortunate enough to get private help. It is good not just for physical recovery, but for mental recovery as well.

After 25 years and with such positive feedback from members, HSSG is still striving to improve the service it provides.  The group was fortunate to receive funding from the DG Murray Trust specifically for training for its assistants, and they recently attended training on transfers, wheelchair dexterity, mobility aids and assisting stroke survivors with walking.

Congratulations Helderberg Stroke Support Group!

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