Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hellenic Alliance for Stroke, Stroke Awareness Day November 4th, 2017

A Hellenic Alliance for Stroke, Stroke Support Organisation (HAS SSO) Event was held in honor of Stroke Awareness Day, with a visit from Jon Barrick and Sandra Jackson on November 4th in Thessaloniki Greece. In the morning sessions at Mediterranean Palace hotel, the Hellenic Neurology Association held its annual conference.
From 14.00 to 17.30 students from the Department of Educational and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia (UOM) participated in a community event. They distributed fliers, bracelets and paper boats with the H.A.S SSO and UOM logo. Informed any interested people in the community in the Aristotelous Square (old center of Thessaloniki) about the risk, prevention and the burden of stroke and about HAS SSO/ SAFE.  H.A.S. SSO Kostas Vadikolias, Alexandros Kortsaris organized an afternoon free workshop open to the public.  The president of Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE), Jon Barrick, accompanied by Sandra Jackson, participated. He presented the Burden of Stroke in Europe.  Hariklia Proios, spoke about activities on a national level as well as future plans for HAS SSO in Greece. Panagiotis Mitsias closed the discussion by reporting new medical rehabilitation practices for stroke.

Thank you to  Hariklia Proios for your text and supplying images of the day :) Great to see the things that are happening in our world about stroke awareness! This is EXACTLY how we reduce the burden of stroke!  
Jon Barrick, SAFE President

Jon Barrick, SAFE President and Sandra Jackson

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