Jean Roger Munezero is motivated to engage in NCD advocacy following his stroke

Jean Roger Munezero is 30 years old and from Rwanda. Jean had a stroke in 2015  whilst studying in South Africa, here he shares his story.

Where were you when you had your stroke?
I was in South Africa, I was at the University of South Africa and I was an undergraduate student in International  Relations and Diplomacy.

Could you access a hospital?
Yes of course. I was near the Steve Biko Hospital, about 1 km.I was staying in Pretoria.

What expectations did you have for your treatment, rehabilitation and recovery?
First I didn't know that I had a stroke.At the time I entered the hospital I was in a coma and the doctors told my next of kin that I will spend the whole month in a coma. Luckily I woke up the next day around 1 pm. Being in a country where they can diagnose your illness  is a very big deal in Africa. I was like "you are fine son, they will do their best don't worry." I was satisfied with the treatment they gave me. For my therapy and recovery; since I was there alone, they suggested that I should go back home in order to be with family and caregivers, so they can help me in those steps. As I am talking to you now, I am positive and the recovery is going great.

What has help you in your recovery?
Since I was a child,a positive mind was my first take, I was helped with my attitude within life, " Stay positive and everything will go smoothly."
What have been/are your fears?
I was afraid that I wouldn't manage my studies and outside having  children, will I ever be the man that my partner expects me to be?

How did your family and friends feel and respond?
My family was shocked.I am lucky because my parents went to school, they knew about stroke but still they could ask why God is doing such things to me. They were very supportive and still now they are, as for my friends they could not understand  the reason why am I sick. They are supportive and they are encouraging.

What is the level of stroke support in your Country?
The level of stroke support is still low because of  a shortage of qualified personnel to provide acurate care.

What has motivated you to be involved in stroke support?
First of all I am a human being.I found myself in this situation, then I said with the level of poverty we have in this country, I have to do something like advocate for people who have a noncommunicable disease in my country.
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