YSP Career tips for success 5. Academic protection and institutional commitment -

Continuing with our Young Stroke Professional series we have tip 5, a short but important insight for those embarking on a career in stroke research delivered by Professor Bo Wu, Professor of neurology at the West China hospital, Sichuan University on
The early days:

5. Academic protection and institutional commitment 

Academic protection is essential to the mission of the academy as well as the principles of academia, researchers should have freedom and right to choose the research field and communicate these ideas with others. 

Faculty members must be free to seek the truth based on observation, experiment, analysis, interpretation, and publication. 

As a faculty member of professional institutions, when you express your personal view, you should be free from institutional censorship or discipline. 

As research and educational institution affiliates, you should be guaranteed academic freedom because the public may judge your profession and your institution by your utterances. 

You should be careful to be:
  • accurate, 
  • exercise appropriate restraint, 
  • show respect for the different opinions of others, and 
  • make every effort to indicate that your views do not necessarily represent your institution. 
Academic protection is an essential element of a free society. Everyone and every institution have an obligation to preserve, protect and promote the pursuit of knowledge, and the free exchange of ideas.

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