YSP career tips for success 8. meeting potential Collaborators

As we all know, face to face contact can be incredibly helpful, and is a quick way to integrate into a global scientific career! Dr. Shoichiro Sato Consultant Stroke Neurologist, Chief of Cerebrovascular Clinic at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Osaka, Japan talks about meeting with potential collaborators. You can use these tips below at the coming ESOC next week in Sweden! If your anywhere near the World Stroke Organization blog, do drop by and say hello!

8. Meeting potential collaborators

Collaborations with other researchers can make your research excellent. You can attend events in your institution or join domestic/international conferences, not only to watch or make presentations, but also to network with potential collaborators.  

Prior to attending conferences and professional gatherings, spend time going through the program and look for topics that are related to your interest. If you come across presenters who you think could be potential collaborators, find a way to meet them in the venue after their presentation. You might want to use some of your prepared questions leading to longer conversations for future collaborations. 
A poster session is an even better time to meet possible collaborators, since conversations can be lighter and less formal. As we meet many people in these settings, especially at international conferences, we can leave a good impression by giving out business cards or highest impact and most impressive papers. 

Even if you cannot talk to the person during sessions, social events are another good opportunity to make contact.  It would be helpful for you to easily identify them among many attendees by searching for their photos on the Internet beforehand and try to be familiar with them.  Specifically, you can try to search in university websites or SNS (Twitter, ResearchGate, etc.).

Email: sato.shoichiro@ncvc.go.jp
ResearchGate: www.researchgate.net/profile/Shoichiro_Sato
Twitter: @ssato_strokedr
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