Thursday, August 30, 2018

Enough NCDs! Enough Stroke!

In a few weeks world leaders will gather at the UN HLM in New York to review progress toward their commitment to reduce premature deaths from NCDs by 30% by 2030.

The World Stroke Organization, along with our partners in the NCD Alliance, has been active in advocating for increased awareness, access and action on NCD and stroke prevention. Our leadership recently made a statement as part of the UN preparations for the UN HLM which you can read elsewhere on this blog.

From September 3rd, the WSO is getting behind the Enough NCDs Week of Action and advocating for urgent action on stroke prevention and treatment as a mechanism to achieve global health and development goals. 

We have had enough of slow progress and failed promises on stroke prevention and treatment and we know that our impatience is shared by stroke survivors, caregivers, support and professional organisations around the world.  

To add your voice to ours and to increase the pressure on our leaders to take stroke seriously we are calling on the stroke community to get involved in the campaign. Our Enough Stroke! Enough NCDs Campaign Brief provides background information and resources including suggested tweets and Facebook posts to help you put stroke at the centre of the NCD debate. 

Other things you can do
  • Check out the campaign resources that can complement your stroke messaging available from NCD Alliance campaign website.
  • Find out if your local NCD Alliance has any on the ground activities planned and mobilise stroke supporters to get involved.
  • Join the conversation on social media using hashtags #EnoughNCDs #EnoughStroke
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