Moshe Shoham #strokeart2014

Moshe Shoham (69), born in Argentina and immigrated to Israel in 1965. A member of Kibbutz Afik where he fulfilled many senior administrative roles. Worked in hotel management and specializes in economics of food and nutrition. Suffered a stroke 9 years ago. Took the leadership role in establishing a club of Neeman for stroke survivors and their caregivers in the many isolated settlements around the Sea of Galilee. “As a result of my stroke, I partially lost my third dimensional sight, in addition to left side hemiplegia. Consequently I have chosen to create largely abstract works in painting and ceramics. In that way I am able to give expression to movement and sharpness of colours.” Presenting works from 2013-14 Digital paintings and Ceramic sculpture Photos by Gal Lapid/Moran Grosz

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