#strokeart2014 Anita Hamers - Dijkstra

My name is Anita Hamers - Dijkstra, I'm 47 years old, born in Hoogwoud and I live in Spanbroek in the Netherlands.
I am a member of the Dutch Association stroke support organization.
After my education of four years ‘Painting and Exhibitor’ at the Nimeto in Utrecht  I worked two years as Exhibitor. In 1988, twenty-six years ago at the age of 21 years, I've had my stroke.
Since this time I had to paint left, which was pretty difficult in the beginning. Fortunately, my inspiration was not lost. Now I paint again since 1992 it has helped me in my recovery, and it will continue to help me in the future. Life has regained value by being able to paint.
In 1995 I married, our son was born in May 1997. The birth of my son has influenced my paintings at that time. I painted subjects that had to do with "children."
My motivation I get again and again the challenge to combine my fantasy thoughts with my feelings this 'combination' than is reflected in my paintings.

My technique is partly determined by the subject to paint on a fantasy - "unnatural" way to approach. The subjects of my paintings are created by combining today experiences with my colorful imagination.
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