Graham Jerrold #strokeart2014

Age 72. Graham has his stroke in August 2010 and was left with right sided weakness and loss of manipulative skills. He also has some cognitive problems and memory loss. Graham always drew and sketched prior to his stroke an enjoyed visiting art exhibitions and galleries. Post stroke graham has art therapy at a hospice day centre and then joined an art group that meets once a week. This picture was produced at the suggestion of a very inspiring art therapist who helped Graham to overcome the despondency of loss of fine motor skills. It took Graham an hour to create this piece and he wanted to show it as it represents a complete break with his previous accurate and precise style and he is able to recognise his merits. When asked what art means to him, Graham replied ‘It is something I can do alone or in company and I have met some very kind and appreciative people through joining a group’
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