Get informed about stroke prevention, as stroke can happen to anyone at any age!

At age 51, Mike Williams began experiencing a headache and dizziness while at his home. 
He passed out and woke to remember being put into an ambulance.  At the time, he had no idea he was having a stroke.  

His wife, who was home with him, called for medical attention.  Neither one of them knew just how much their lives would change following that day.  In the days leading up to his stroke, Mike worked 12 hour shifts and spent most of his free time tinkering with his truck, riding his four-wheeler, and doing yard work.  He loved the outdoors, but now has to spend most of his time inside.  He had significant difficulty with his speech following the stroke, and still often experiences dizziness.  Mike's daily activities were hindered by the deficits found in his feet and hands, and continue to hinder him by his fear of falling due to his inability to walk straight.  

The most significant loss according to Mike is his balance.  He rarely went anywhere alone, and quickly became dependent on his wife who quit her job to become his caregiver.  Initially, Mike was reluctant to see his friends and co-workers.  He didn't want to talk to others, as he felt "they could not understand him."  He recalls his best friend continued to be there for he and his wife, despite his reluctance to be seen.  This friend also offered respite for his wife, which provided her opportunities of relief from the daily tasks and stressors of being a caregiver.  Mike's stroke also greatly affected his daughters, his mother and his sister.  

Despite the impacts, Mike says their relationships have survived this obstacle and have grown even stronger from it.  Mike is able to positively reflect on how this experience has strengthened his relationship with his wife too; he shares that it has opened doors of communication for them.  Prior to his stroke, Mike had not known of any other individuals around him having strokes.  He had high blood pressure, but was unaware of how this could increase his risk for stroke.  

During his recovery, Mike was determined to learn more about stroke and prevention.  He was provided information from the rehabilitation center where he received treatment.  He reports paying more attention to signs from his body now, such as not ignoring headaches.  To continue his prevention methods, Mike is seen regularly by doctors and encourages others to do the same.  He also encourages others to inform themselves about stroke, warning signs, and prevention methods specific to them, as stroke can happen to anyone at any age!

Picture credit: Paul Olsen 
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