WSO welcomes new SSO member the Helderberg Stroke Support Group

The Helderberg Stroke Support Group (HSSG) has been involved in assisting stroke
survivors and their families in the Helderberg Basin, South Africa for over 21 years.

The HSSG says that it's important that we use the words "stroke survivor" in preference to the much used words "stroke victim". This is out of respect to the wishes of members of the organisation, who have indicated that they wish to be known as "survivors". 

The main focus of the HSSG is on rehabilitation for stroke survivors and stroke prevention training for home based carers, nursing staff and people interested in assisting stroke survivors in their communities.

The HSSG recognizes that "rehabilitation also encompasses the protection of human rights, equalisation of opportunities and the removal of both attitudinal and architectural barriers. Equalization of opportunities means that health and social services, transport, housing, education, employment opportunities and recreational and sports facilities must be accessible to everyone" (United Nations, 2002). HSSG will endeavour to strive towards the achievement of this goal.   

HSSG highlights that every day in South Africa approximately 360 people have a stroke (Boehringer Ingelheim, n.d.a) and that stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the country. Many stroke survivors are left with permanent physical disabilities and cognitive impairments requiring extended hospitalization, nursing, home care and rehabilitation. 'That is why World Stroke Day on 29 October is so important in raising awareness of stroke and the risk factors for stroke,' says HSSG Chairperson Marian Engelbrecht.

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