Friday, October 20, 2017

WSO welcomes SSO for Sri Lankans as new member

The Stroke Support Organization for Sri Lankans has become the latest SSO member of WSO.

Founder, Dr Padma Gunaratne tells us why membership of WSO is so important:

'I have been an active individual member of the WSO since its inception. I have observed how WSO influences and strategically prioritizes issues in relation to stroke for the benefit of stroke survivors and also for prevention. I think promotion of the establishment of stroke support organizations is one such area of WSO activity for the benefit of stroke care. Though it is difficult to establish an organization and to keep going for the stroke community with a wide range of needs, Stroke Support Organizations are marvellous in addressing the long term needs of stroke survivors and care givers. 

WSO provides information and guidance on how to establish SSOs, what to do to strengthen SSOs and also supports us to network with each other and to learn from each other, and much more…' 

This is why I think it is important for SSOs to be WSO members.

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